Friday, February 28, 2014

Cookiecutter Hits 704 Stars on GitHub

One of my largest open source projects, Cookiecutter, has surpassed the 700-star milestone.

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In case you aren't familiar with it, Cookiecutter is a utility for generating projects from project templates. It is language-agnostic, and there are boilerplate templates for HTML, JS, C, Python, Django, LaTeX, Common Lisp, and other types of projects.

Development Continues

Slowly but surely, I have been working through the queue of pull requests for Cookiecutter and cookiecutter-pypackage. Reviewing pull requests takes time because:
  • Every patch must be carefully reviewed for cross-platform compatibility (Windows, Linux, Mac).
  • Once a patch goes in, it's in the codebase forever. Each line of code requires thoughtful consideration.
  • Contributors to Cookiecutter are generally very experienced programmers that push the limits of my knowledge.
  • To meet my standards, each patch typically requires hours of coding on my part. This is to fix cross-platform issues, cross-Python-version compatibility issues, ensure uniform coding style, hunt down any edge cases that may have been missed, etc. It's a labor of love.
Open source projects benefit greatly from having a leader who understand every piece that goes into the project, and who has a vision for the project's functionality, coding style, and growth. I look forward to having the opportunity to develop my vision in the coming months.

Sponsorship Opportunity

If your company uses Cookiecutter, consider sponsoring the project. Benefits include:
  • Advertising and exposure on the Cookiecutter README and the documentation homepage.
  • Extra attention given to issues/pull requests from your company's developers.
  • Additional development work on Cookiecutter, focused on your company's needs.
  • The gratification of giving back to open source, and full bragging rights. This makes for great company PR.
  • Mentions of your company on future blog posts about Cookiecutter, in the release notes, and more.
For more information, email me at aroy at

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